Friday, August 15, 2014

Beautiful one-piece or bikini costumes: how to find the right costume for you?

Here is a once a year event that accept both excitement and anxiety: also known as a swimsuit / bath suit summer season. It's the time of year when you're excited to see yourself wearing one of those costumes from a beautiful piece (or should be a bikini) but you also feel the apprehension-start by asking you to look good in a swimsuit. For a moment there, you begin to doubt your features but then the excitement takes over and you're back up again as it should; the only concern then is which swimsuit to wear.

So, to help you not to succumb to these concerns - and enjoy the season rather - Here are some tips to help you find the perfect piece.

The starting point of your swimwear-hunting - as with any research wardrobe, that is - is to know your body type. From there, you can search such as swimsuits fit. Opt for a style that can flatter the look of your body type. Choose a design that will draw attention to where you're comfortable and do not flaunt the parties would not want to be noticed much.

There are different body types and there are swimsuits that will fit in a specific type of body. The body can not be the same body of your celebrity idol so trying to put on what she can not do more harm than good. So instead of trying what look good on another body, learn what to flatter your appearance. The basic types of the body are: hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle and rectangular.

Hourglass body types have almost the same size around the bust and hips and a thin waist. With their symmetrical appearance, virtually every suit will look good on them, especially with bikini can show their figure. Look for those that can support the bust. What you should avoid are bikinis that do not match. Will make them seem disproportionate.

For the triangular-shaped body, which is that the bottom (around the hips and thighs) carries more weight than the torso area, can pull off a strapless bandeau. You can also wear skimpy top without seeming vulgar. Try halter if you want to size up to a small chest.

Those with inverted triangle body, bringing the weight higher than the lower part of the body, usually should do the opposite of what they should do a triangular body when mixing and matching bikini: to draw attention to the bottom, with background colorful bikini top and black or dark. Do not wear a strapless top; Instead, wear something that fully support the upper and provides sufficient coverage.

If you have broad shoulders and hips in proportion, then you have a rectangular body. Choose from the collection of swimwear a nice piece to create a slimmer waistline. Girly details like bows, ruffles, and tie will help to draw attention to your bust and hips. For skinny girls, try tops with padding and tie side bottom.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Maintain your shirt collar with collar bone in the right position

There are different types of accessories for men. Collar bones are one of the most popular fashion accessories for fashion conscious man. Apparently, even though it might not seem like one of the most essential parts of a man's wardrobe, but certainly an important role in giving men a smart look and perfect. With the use of this, the men were able to maintain the collar of their shirts in just the right place.
In the United Kingdom collar bone is also popularly known as collar stays or collar stiffeners. These are generally rigid and elegant and are made from different materials. It is up to you to decide which material is best suited for you. They are available in silver, plastic, metal, brass and even pearl. However, the most common materials are metal and plastic. They are also used in brass and silver collar stiffeners, but they are bit 'expensive.
Nowadays collar stays also reflect a fashion statement. Fashion conscious men prefer to use the collar is because they consider it as a means to expose their style. It is a necessity, as well as a desire of men to give them a look crisp collar. Sometimes even staples are used. These clips act as an accessory of great substitute for collar stays. However, it should never use them for a long period of time may cause damage to the shirt. The fabric on the shirt might get ripped with the use of it. Additionally, the use of the metal clamp can also cause rust to form.
When the bones of the neck are placed in the collar of the shirt, the collar is a lay flat against the collar stay the man who has worn the jersey. Different brands of collar stiffeners are available on the market today. However, when you buy your neck, it is important for you to take into consideration the quality. Always go for quality brands, because the collar is good and reputed brands ensures resistance. Subsequently, also keep in mind your budget. Collar stiffeners of different price ranges are available. Of collar stays that are composed of plastic are cheaper. Metal collar stiffeners are more expensive than plastic.
Collar bones also make great gifts for men. If you want to give to your husband, boyfriend or father with something that is still very useful, you can gift them with unique collar stays that best meets the needs and taste of the receiver. Along with collar stays, you can also gift them with twins and customize it to match the recipient's personality. You can also engrave something special collar that you want to present. This will not only make the gift look unique, but the person that she also has the gift feel special and to preserve and cherish the gift of life.
This is in fact the right accessory for men to show that they are trendy. With them not only will they be able to reflect their fashion statement that will also have raised tensions end of their remaining collar no longer crunchy.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

How to wear fringe?

In the spring, the fringes are their great rerour. gives us three ways to adopt the trend.
Fringes, we love, but beware, they are worn in moderation. Exit the total look and effect too much, opt for the key press by wearing a skirt. Remains to add a graphic top, a black leather jacket XXL and boots with heels. Stylish.

Look Les Petites

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How do I find the right outfit for me?

Not everyone is a connoisseur of the international socialite parquet. And who the fashion pages of relevant celebrity magazines read through that quickly realizes: Fashion Faux-Pas come at normal citizens as well as in front of stars who are in the limelight. There are some simple guidelines to help you find your personal fitting evening wear.

Understand dress codes correctly

First of all the formalities should be clarified: Is there a dress code, a dress code ? If so, this is authentic to understand - but there are exceptions: Some invitations to work with fixed expressions such as " Black Tie "or" White Tie ".

Other terms such as "evening dress" can certainly still room for interpretation. In any case, a classic black here but should suit with tie for men and a festive dress for the lady to be elected. If the dress code rather fanciful off ("summer", "glamor", "20s"), even the outfit can be chosen according to free, but according to themes.

If the outer frame has been staked, the first hurdle has been taken at the right outfit. With regard to the dress code, on the occasion and the social framework you already know, whether it should be more festive or " more casual clothing "is allowed.


Men may therefore suit, tuxedo or tailcoat choose, of course, combined with a matching tie or with a fashionable bow tie . At least one good suit heard it in the wardrobe of every man - and for most occasions you (n) is thus always being appropriately dressed.

The fitting in a shop should in this case be a matter of course, because communicating with the right cut and drops the entire outfit. Those who have a little more budget, which should calm in a tailored suit invest - this will pay off for a long time.

Women's clothing

The same applies to the female evening dress: A perfect match and re-mirroring of one's personality are more important than pompous details or breathtaking cuts. It is crucial that you feel comfortable in their (second) skin! When clothes are therefore materials with stretch material, for example for the little black dress , perfect.

For the right evening dress in floor length much emphasis on quality materials and a matching color should be placed.

Pantsuits or combinations of skirt and blouse are usually very comfortable, but not always festive enough.

Accessories for Him and Her

Accessories complete the outfit with ladies like men - depending on the occasion, this can gloves , cylinder, hat , bow tie and tie, and of course the shoes in men be; Women belong in handbag or clutch , matching shoes , possibly a shawl or a jacket and a festive hairstyle for successful evening outfit just so.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Carnaval 2014 | Man Costumes

Held shortly Carnival since 2014 and we want to give you some ideas issues men costume so you can surprise with original costumes. We have already seen easiest costumes to make and now we suggest others that you can buy and if you want you can also try them.
Carnaval 2014 | Man Costumes
tron_legacy_82 While Halloween is the time or the party that allows us to dress up all kinds of creatures and monstrous characters, if Carnival can say that the "offer" is much broader, since we can choose from a wide variety of costumes , some of which are inspired movies always celebrities or television characters.
carnival-2014-costume-man-hour-of-adventure So for this 2014 things men can go for lead films inspired costumes that have had much impact in recent years as "Tron Legacy" or characters and also known as friendly as in the case of "SpongeBob" or the characters of the child "Adventure Time" series as you see in the picture above. Costumes that sold in specialty store but you can also try to do at home with a little imagination.
For that ye b list to buy you the costume at any retail store, sure you have to choose because they can always be given which can be considered as classic costumes such as the superhero, the vampire, the Indian or cowboy.
It is a matter of taste, but if you are somewhat adventurous and want to ravage this Carnival 2014, we recommend that you do not be complex and ye b list to dress up like that is definitely the star of the moment in matters of costume: Lady GaGa, despite being girl, has bizarre costumes that can make them the "kings" of the party.
Another option is to go for the easy and if you peináis forward, you calzais cap, drooping jeans, sweatshirt and sneakers can you go to Justin Bieber.
I leave photogallery man costumes for Carnival 2014:

Saturday, June 28, 2014

How to match the jacket to tie

Everyone has their own style, you know. But sometimes, those who are not very familiar with certain accessories, you may run into at least questionable choices. This is the case of the tie: not much loved by the majority of men, however, is essential to give a touch of elegance to an outfit or evening ceremony. In the market there are ties of each fabric and color and choosing the right one is not always easy. Below you will find some tips to correctly match a suit and tie, following this guide you can rest easy that can not go wrong combinations of colors.

We must first take account of colors. A general rule is you should not pull more than three or four different colors, then choose a tie that always recalls the tone of the jacket, though with variations of shades lighter or darker than the dress, to make sure that colors of the jacket, shirt and tie are homogeneous among themselves and are not ridiculous once worn three dresses. With a dark blue jacket, so opt for a blue tie, turquoise or tone-on-tone (in this case smash with a blue shirt or white); but if you have a jacket black (or gray), combined with a maroon tie, red, pink or yellow, if you like to be daring.

Your jacket is brown? In this case, then, the tie will be beige to match or at least call the shades of brown (eg the hazelnut is a color that goes well). And in the case of a cast? Applies the following general rule: never combine clothes with different geometrical shapes, this means that if you have a striped jacket, you should never wear a tie or shirt. So, since the lines are already present on the jacket, opt for a tie solid and patterned neckties categorically abolished (with polka dots, diamonds and other similar figures).

Even in the case of the plaid jacket (large or small), the choice must inevitably fall back on a monochromatic tie that calls on the dominant color of the dress. Do you like striped ties? Then match them always in plain jackets and keep in mind the absolute prohibition of mixing different geometric patterns.

In making various combinations, always remember to take into account the shirt, preferably in clear case in which the jacket is dark (colored if color gown is not very strong) ..

Another very important factor is the color of the skin, for those who have darker skin or olive would be better to wear something with strong contrasts such as a black jacket with a white shirt and a tie then. Who has a lighter skin, however, it is necessary to focus on less determined combinations such as a blue shirt with a navy blue jacket and then the tie.

In this step, I will indicate some combinations of colors that will perhaps be for you. For a style that remains on the classic must match a plain gray jacket with a white shirt and a tie or blue solid. To have a young style instead, you'd better pull over a gray jacket of solid color, a white shirt with blue stripes and a solid tie that takes a little 'the color of the lines of the shirt. Other combinations are: - blue jacket, white shirt and maroon tie or blue or red. - Beige jacket, blue shirt and orange tie. - Beige jacket, white shirt and tie with the colors on brown.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Types of Men's Dress Shirts - form-fitting and free how to distinguish classical from sports, the right size shirt.

Among my friends there are people who profess the principle of least resistance when it comes to their wardrobe. And the choice between the shirt and the jacket always solved not in favor of the latter. Reason - just pure laziness and underestimation of benefits own style. Shirt faster and easier to iron and do not buttoning (: - it's a fact. And often it is appropriate. However, in many cases, I believe such people lose points when neglected shirt. Sooner or later a man, especially when he ceases to be a teenager begins to realize the full force of this garment. Unfortunately, not all have even a minimal knowledge in this area, do not understand what types of men's shirts and collars exist, how to determine the right size shirt, I always have to fill and more. Lets try today to fill these gaps.

A little history

It is interesting that initially belonged to a man's shirt underwear, and it was unthinkable to appear in public in a shirt. Surrounding could observe only a small portion of the collar and cuff piece. This situation took place a long time until the late 19th - early 20th centuries. Even today you can find men of conservative upbringing who ask permission to take off his jacket a woman in her presence. Also, it is difficult to imagine the president or another high-ranking official at the official reception without a jacket.

In everyday life, often in full view of shirt, and know more about it - will not be superfluous.

Types of Men's Dress Shirts 
classic and casual shirt

There are two main types: classic and sports. Do we need to know in order not to accidentally put on a shirt with a business suit, which is not designed for this. Conversely, formal wear to protect themselves from the top with jeans, for example. So what's the difference?

Fabric softer, thinner weave. Examples of fabrics that are used in the manufacture of: twill, pinpoint, royal oxford - all, of course, of cotton, no synthetics.
The collar should be tougher. Basically, this is due to the fact that the shirt and tie is almost always worn together if we are talking about a formal style. In order to keep the shape of the collar, use the special plates that are inserted inside.

More conservative colors. First of all, white - for special occasions or strict dress code. And the second most common - blue. If you want to learn more about color combinations, read the article about the right combination of colors in clothes.

If there is a pattern, it's small. Rarely seen classic shirt in a large cage or thick stripes, while in sports - very often.

How to mix patterns in clothing, you can read the article about the tie and shirt combination .

Bottom formal shirt has a curved shape.

Dressed in classic no pockets at all, or only one. And it must be empty. No pens and mobile phones.

The materials used in the manufacture of sports shirts - a little tough, durable. It can be simple oxford, chambray, flannel, denim. Incidentally, the last, denim, does not remain in the eighties, and fashion for them and preserved in our time. Do not be afraid to wear a denim shirt with jeans, provided that the bottom will be darker. Do not forget about the right size jeans .

Much wider range of colors, patterns and bolder and more diverse.

If you see epaulettes, decorative buckles, lots of pockets - before you exactly sporty shirt.

Types of men's shirts by type of cut - form-fitting and loose

If you have an imperfect figure and has a belly, I'm not here to insist you to dedicate more time to the sport and moderate diet, though he should have. Just buy a shirt traditional cut.

You hold a taut torso and have no problems with being overweight? Then you waisted shirt. In turn, form-fitting shirts are divided into narrow (slim) and very narrow (extra slim). It should be noted that this division is not absolute and depends on the company - need to try on in the store.

In any case, you should choose a shirt without a superfluous matter laterally. About the right size - below.

How should sit shirt 

Long-sleeved shirt
The main two things that you should know about me, getting a shirt - it's neck circumference and sleeve length. They just need to be measured and recorded. It is on these parameters based dimensions. sleeve length shirts should be such as to reach the beginning of the joint of the thumb, while fully covering the wrist. And even in the hands flexed wrist should not be unduly open.

It operates the golden rule. One or two fingers (as you comfortably) must be placed between the neck and the inside of the collar. But remember (and this applies to sleeves) that the true size of the shirt is established only after a few washings.

As for the type of collar, they are innumerable, and here I will not go into. To wear a tie, I would recommend the most optimal one - (semi spread).

In contrast to the "sharks", it is more versatile: not too conservative and not trendy; is suitable for most types of entities.

Shoulder seams
This is one of the most common mistakes made ​​by men , and this applies not only to the shirts. Remember shirts shoulder seams should be exactly at the point where the end of your shoulders and begins hand - no more, no closer.

Length of shirt
Classic shirt has a greater length than sports. The reason is that the formal shirt is not meant for wearing trousers. And the length should be such that it does not knock out of his pants, even if you sit or raise your hands. Sport, on the contrary, often dressed - hence the shorter length.

Regardless of your shape, shirt tucked should not bubble up on the sides. This is the main rule - extra fabric does not hide flaws - it just expands your figure. However, make sure that the size of the width was not so small when buttons are ready to come off.

A few more tips on how to wear a man's shirt

Rolled up sleeves  
Shirt sleeves rolled up correctly, simply once learned. In my opinion, the best option looks with sleeves rolled up to twice the width of the cuff. By the way, today's trends allow us to tuck jeans and more .

Do I need to fill a shirt?
If it's a classic or style smart casual design , the answer is obvious - you need. In other cases it is a matter of taste, image and your mood. Exactly that fill sports shirt is optional.

Another question, what should be the correct length in this case. My advice - the middle of his back pocket jeans. In the next photo wrong length:

Also allowed to wear a shirt untucked under a sweater. Personally, I do not like these bows. Some kind of sloppy work.

Again, this is a matter of personal preference, and modern street fashion looks at many things such condescending. However, there are many successful examples:

T-shirt under the jacket
If these two items of men's clothing come in pairs, can not button up shirt. Especially the combination looks good, if a flannel shirt and a picture in a large square.

One last tip for today:
Not worth much to save - it's my belief. Better to buy cheap jeans. In my experience, the quality of the shirt depends on the price. And it really is an element of your appearance, which plays a key role in maintaining your reputation a person with taste.

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